Ongoing Weekly Classes

BSF - People of the Promised Land I
Monday evenings at 6:55pm - ends May 6

Study - ONE in a Million
Tuesday mornings at 9:30am - offsite

Spanish Study - Un Estudio de el Libro de Efesios
Tuesday evenings at 7pm

Cantonese Study - Women of the Bible
2nd & 4th Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Study - Stepping Up - A Journey Through The Psalms of Ascent
Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Prayer Group
Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm

Moms in Prayer
Friday evenings at 7pm

Spanish Prayer Group - Casa de Oracion
Thursday evenings at 7pm - offsite

Study - What Matters Most
Saturday mornings at 10:30am - starts May 18

 Study - The Lord’s Prayer
Sunday mornings at 10am