Current Volunteer Opportunities at Church of the Highlands


We hope the everyone at Highlands can find a place to serve. We believe that God has entrusted each of us with skills and abilities. When we can leverage the gifts that God has given us by serving Him, it changes us as much as the world around us. 

Connections Host

By serving as a connections (hospitality) host today, you have the opportunity to make Highlands’s first impression on our guests. We want to make our guests (and regular attenders) feel welcome every Sunday! A Connections host goes one step further than the greeter and seeks to make connections with our first-time guests, answer questions and make them feel welcome. Be on the lookout for anyone who appears unsure about where to go. Help them find what they’re looking for by providing a personal escort. Let them know they’re important! 

Connections Team 

By serving on the Connections Team, you have the opportunity to share with other people about the different ministries at Highlands. By sharing with people in the church about our ministries and resources, you play a part in helping them get plugged into ministry. 


By serving as an usher today, you have the opportunity to help people feel comfortable at Highlands. Many times people make a decision about a church based on their first impressions. One of the core values at Highlands is to create an authentic and non-threatening environment. You have the opportunity to convey that by smoothing the way for people to participate in the service. Escort people to open seats and make sure they are comfortable where they have been seated— and smile!

Children’s Ministry Teacher

By serving as a Children’s Ministry Teacher you have the opportunity to work with our Children’s Ministry Team to deliver exciting, fun, lessons designed to help kids come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. The impact you will make as a Children’s Ministry volunteer will be immeasurable as you teach and care for the children that God has entrusted us with. 

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