We ask that you join us as we will be focusing our prayers on
a different ministry each day.


August 5

That participation will increase among the men of the church in the monthly breakfasts, the annual conference, and weekly fellowship groups.


August 6

That the women of the church will be edified at our annual retreat and through the weekly Bible classes and prayer group.


August 7

For the health of the teachers and the children; that the children will see and feel the love of the Lord Jesus through the teachers.


August 8

For the orientation of new teachers; for a spirit of obedience and learning among the students; for wisdom and spiritual growth for all.



August 9

For the gospel to advance through our teams going to the Philippines, Borneo and Africa; for local efforts; for Christmas outreaches.


August 10

Blessings for the gifted volunteers who teach, lead and love the children who come to our Sunday School and Wednesday AWANA


August 11

That the students will grasp the gospel, love the Lord, and be strong, in spite of any temptations and struggles; wisdom for the leaders.


August 12

For wisdom and skill for the leaders of every group or class; for more leaders; for deep connections within each group or class.


August 13

For the building of a community who will care about each other and about the larger community around us.


August 14

A heart of compassion for pastors and elders who visit the sick in the hospital and the shut-ins in their homes; for their healing.


August 15

For wisdom in guiding the Church of the Highlands into the future; that all will see God at work and follow His plan.


August 16

For creativity in reaching out to the Filipino community in the county; for the upcoming Pasko celebrations in December.


August 17

To know and follow the Lord’s plan in the outreach and discipleship efforts among Chinese speakers and the East Indian community.


August 18

For spiritual growth and many souls saved within our Spanish Sunday School, classes, outreaches and fellowship groups.


August 19

For wisdom and strength for the counselors, leaders and sponsors; for openness and spiritual insight for those who come for help.


August 20

For God’s protection for all in our buildings; for the funds needed for roof repairs; for skill and stamina for the staff.


August 21

For God’s favor for all the staff in the church, school and business offices; blessings for those who feed and protect the school.


August 22

For victory in any spiritual battles that would interfere with worship; skill for the choir, musicians, and all who help with the tech.